One of the Most Famous Fossil-Bearing Localities in Russia

The middle part of the Baissa locality      The Lower Cretaceous sediments exposed here are assigned to the Zaza Formation and represented by beds with the total thickness of about 70 meters. The fossil-bearing deposits are represented by conglomerates with occasional shell and siltstone beds, bituminous black shales and cyclically alternating fine-grained sandstones, siltstones, and marls.

      The collection of insects from Baissa includes now more than 20 000 specimens. Insect remains occur throughout the section except for the most coarse-grained beds but their abundance and the state of preservation vary strongly from layer to layer and even within the same bed. Well-preserved insect fossils are mostly restricted to fine laminated marl beds or marl boulders in conglomerates, whereas their remains are always in a poor condition in bituminous shales, although they may be occasionally abundant there.

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