Eugeny S. Shpinev

(23.01.1982 24.02.2018)

Since childhood Eugeny dreamed of traveling and of becoming a paleontologist. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of the Moscow Pedagogical State University in 2004. In 20052009 he was a graduate student in the Laboratory of Arthropods of the Paleontological Institute. He studied the Paleozoic aquatic Chelicerata (eurypterids, horseshoe crabs) and Crustacea of Russia and adjacent countries, published a number of detailed articles, and made many brilliant presentations at conferences. He participated in expeditions to the Near-Polar Urals and the Donbass and himself organized field work near Krasnoyarsk and in Khakassia.

Eugeny worked as a teacher at the Central Station of Young Naturalists and Environmentalists and as a school teacher of biology. In 2011 he became employed by the Timiryazev State Biological Museum, where since 2012 he was a research associate in the collection department. He became the curator of the fossil collection and managed to complete the difficult task of cataloging it. Eugeny took part in preparation of all the fossil exhibitions at the museum in recent years and co-authored the guide to fossils of the Moscow metro stations. He designed and led classes and excursions, which were loved by both adults and children.

Eugeny was interested in broader questions of biology and took close to heart imperfections of human society. He loved hiking, tourist songs, poetry, participated in the Karpoffest festival, and himself wrote verse. Zhenya was a warm person. He left numerous friends at the institute, the museum, everywhere. Zhenya is alive in our memory, and as long as we are he is with us...

Publications by E.S. Shpinev

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