Dmitry V. Vassilenko



Born 01 May 1981 in Krasnokamensk Chita region, Russia. Graduated from the Chita State University, Geological faculty in 2004. Postgraduate "The evidences of the plant-insects interactions in the Late Mesozoic of Asia", Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004. Senior Researcher in Borissiak Paleontological Institute RAS.

Member of the Russian Paleontological Society since 2000, Member of the Russian Entomological Society since 2007. Member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists since 2007. Awards: Special Award by H. Rausing Foundation for the best paleontological work in 2006. "Best postgraduate student of the Russian Academy of Sciences - 2007".

Main research interest: Plant-insects interactions, insect paleontology and paleoecology, Odonata.

Dmitry V. Vassilenko