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Tel./fax.: 00421-2-64 366 608

Birth date: June 25, 1975


MSc at the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (Master's Thesis was completed at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the BNHM London, Imperial College Ascot, and AMNH New York). Currently working at the PhD Thesis at the Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow and the Geological Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences.


― Zikmund and Hanzelka (UNESCO WH) award for the 1995 project (awarded in Czech Republic)
― The prize of the Czech Geographical Magazine (best project of the 1997 year)
― Recognition of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1998-2001)
― The Systematic Association, Oxford, 1998. The most prestigeous prize for "Systematics of sensillar apparatus of the fossil Insects"
― AMNH, New York for: Umenocoleus, an amazing living fossil insect form
― The highest Academic Award of the Rector of the Comenius University, Slovakia (1998)
― NABU prize (Germany) for the Baikal Seal project (1999)
― Grants from the Royal Society, George Soros Foundation, UNESCO, AMNH, Imperial College, BNHM London, the European Science Foundation, etc.


Canada, Bald Cypress, Smoky Mountains, 1993 (3 months)
Sahara, 1994 (one month)
Transbaikalia, Ussuri, 1994 (2 months)
Ussuri, Lake Khanka, Sachalin, 1995 (4 months)
Ussuri, East Siberia, Vitim River, Lake Baikal, Amur river, Lake Khanka, Japan See, 1996-1998 (15 months)
Lake Baikal, Siberia, 1999-2000 (9 months)

Scientific publications and Conference Proceedings―Vedecké publikácie a účasť na konferenciách

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