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Aristov, D.S. 2005. New Grylloblattids (Insecta: Grylloblattida) from the Triassic of Eastern Europe, Eastern Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Paleontol. J. 39(2): 173-177. [PDF]

Sinitshenkova, N.D. 2005. The Oldest Known Record of an Imago of Nemouridae (Insecta: Perlida = Plecoptera) in the Late Mesozoic of Eastern Transbaikalia. Paleontol. J. 39(1): 38-40. [PDF]

Aristov, D.S. 2004. The Fauna of Grylloblattid Insects (Grylloblattida) from the End of the Late Permian to the First Half of the Triassic. Paleontol. J. 38(5): 514-521. [PDF]

Zherikhin, V.V. & Gratshev, V.G. 2004. Fossil Curculionoid Beetles (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) from the Lower Cretaceous of Northeastern Brazil. Paleontol. J. 38(5): 528-537. [PDF]

Rasnitsyn A.P., and Zhang H.-ch. 2004. A new family, Daohugoidae fam. n., of syricomorph hymenopteran (Hymenoptera = Vespida) from the Middle Jurassic of Daohugou in Inner Mongolia (China). Proceedings of the Russian Entomological Society. 75(1): 12-16. [PDF]

Lukashevich, E.D. 2004. A Revision of the Genus Eoptychopterina (Diptera: Eoptychopteridae). Paleontol. J. 38(3): 294-306. [PDF1] [PDF2] [PDF3] [PDF4] [PDF5]

Dlussky G.M. Brothers D.J., & Rasnitsyn A.P. 2004. The first Late Cretaceous ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from southern Africa, with comments on the origin of the Myrmicinae. Insect Syst. Evol. 35: 1-13. [PDF]

Supplementary issue of the Paleontological Journal devoted to Permian and Triassic insects. [View]

Sukacheva, I.D. & Rasnitsyn, A.P. 2004. Jurassic Insects (Insecta) from the Sai-Sagul Locality (Kyrgyzstan, Southern Fergana). Paleontol. J. 38(2): 182-186. [PDF]

Mostovski, M.B., Ross, A.J., Szadziewski, R. & Krzeminski, W. 2003. Redescription of Simulidium priscum Westwood and Pseudosilumium humidum (Brodie) (Insecta: Diptera: Rhagionidae) from the Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous) of England. J. Syst. Palaeont. 1(1): 59-64. [PDF]

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Mostovski, M.B., Jarzembowski, E.A. & Coram, R. 2003. Horse-flies and Athericids (Diptera: Tabanidae and Athericidae) from the Lower Cretaceous of England and Transbaikalia. Paleontol. J. 37(2): 162-169. [PDF]

Ponomarenko, A.G. 2003. The First Beetles (Permosynidae, Coleoptera) from the Upper Tatarian of European Russia. Paleontol. J. 37(2): 170-173. [PDF]

Aristov, D.S. 2003. Revision of the Family Tomiidae (Insecta: Grylloblattida). Paleontol. J. 37(1): 31-38. [PDF]

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Rasnitsyn, A.P. & Krassilov, V.A. 2000. The First Documented Occurrence of Phyllophagy in pre-Cretaceous Insects: Leaf Tissues in the Gut of Upper Jurassic Insects from Southern Kazakhstan. Paleontol. J. 34(3): 301-309. [PDF1 PDF2 PDF3 PDF4]

Eskov, K.Yu. & Zonstein S.L. 2000. The First Ctenizoid Mygalomorph Spiders from Eocene Baltic Amber (Araneida: Mygalomorphae: Ctenizidae). Paleontol. J. 34(Suppl. 3): 268-274. [PDF1, PDF2]

Mostovski, M.B. 2000. Contributions to the Study of Fossil Snipe-Flies (Diptera: Rhagionidae). The Genus Palaeobolbomyia. Paleontol. J. 34(Suppl. 3): 360-366. [PDF]

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Ponomarenko, A.G. 2000. Beetles of the family Cupedidae from the Lower Cretaceous locality of Semen, Transbaykalia. Paleontol. J. 34(Suppl. 3): 317-322. [PDF]

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Proceedings of the First International Palaeoentomological Conference, Moscow, 1998 Published in 1999, in Bratislava [HTML] [Order]

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Ponomarenko, A.G. 1972. The nomenclature of wing venation in beetles (Coleoptera). Entomol. Rev. 51(4): 454-458. [PDF]

More publications are available in Russian or in the Library of the International Palaeoentomological Society